Pain Management Anesthesiologist Salary

Demystifying a Pain Management Anesthesiologist Salary

Any idea what a Pain Management Anesthesiologist salary looks like these days? The answer will surprise you!

The Introduction of the Pain Management Anesthesiologist

First things first…How much is a Pain Management Anesthesiologist’s Salary? No, really…How much does a Pain Management Anesthesiologist make? Well, the answer is…A lot! In fact, it’s one of the highest paid positions that there is. When asked about top paying careers, many people will say a Doctor, Dentist, CEO, Entrepreneur, Movie Star, Athlete…or something close to one of the previously mentioned. But rarely, if ever, will someone mention a Pain Management Anesthesiologist.

Salary/Compensation of a Pain Management Anesthesiologist

As previously mentioned, this is surprising because the median compensation for an Anesthesiologist topped $450K in 2015. And that number should definitely increase in the future. In Texas the hourly mean wage for a pain management anesthesiologist is $130.40, in California the hourly mean wage is $135.78, in Florida the hourly mean wage is $131.83, in  New York the hourly mean is $130.72 and in Pennsylvania the hourly mean is $129.20. In Texas the annual mean wage for a pain management anesthesiologist is $271,230, in California the annual mean wage is $282,410, in Florida the annual mean wage is $274,210, in  New York the annual mean wage is $271,900 and in Pennsylvania the annual mean wage is $268,730.

In terms of sheer numbers, Texas employed 4,070 pain management anesthesiologists; California employed 2,370; Florida employed 2,020, New York employed 1,830, and Pennsylvania employed 1,420 pain management anesthesiologists.

The Why’s between a Pain Management Anesthesiologist Salary

Next, why do Pain Management Anesthesiologists get paid so much? It’s because of what they do. They administer anesthesia prior to, during, or after surgery or other medical procedures. Imagine if the Pain Management Anesthesiologist wasn’t around during a surgery of medical procedure. I t would be pure chaos. The patient would need to undergo a surgery without anesthesia which for most folks would be traumatizing and/or impossible to undergo.

Educational Requirements for a Pain Management Anesthesiologist Salary

Especially relevant, are the educational requirements of a Pain management Anesthesiologist. It’s a great profession and can be obtained after 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency. 4 years at an undergraduate institution is preferred but not required since the requirements above normally require it anyways.

Top Areas for High-Paying Pain Management Anesthesiologist Salary

Consequently, here are the facts regarding the highest employment levels, highest concentration of jobs, and top paying jobs locations for a Pain management Anesthesiologist. The states with the highest employment levels of Pain Management Anesthesiologists are Texas, California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.The highest concentration of jobs for Pain Management Anesthesiologists are North Dakota, Maine, Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas. And the top paying states where you will see the highest Pain Management Anesthesiologist salaries include West Virginia, Oregon, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

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